Hypnobirthing Course – Gold

Hypnobirthing Course - Gold

Included for maximum success:

Hypnobirthing Gold:

  • Online hypnobirthing course – 8 powerful videos to teach you all about hypnobirthing
  • 11 powerful hypnobirthing audio sessions to release fear, gain confidence and prepare mentally for birth:
    • Pain relief for labour
    • Visualise your Birth
    • Stress Release – on a lake
    • Hypnobirthing Affirmations
    • Breathing for Contractions
    • Confident Parenting
    • Partners confidence to support
    • Fear Release
    • Quicker recovery after birth
    • Easy Breastfeeding
    • Recharge your Batteries
  • Lovely E-book on how to make your own powerful affirmations for birth
  • Hypnobirthing Experts E-book to support the online course videos
  • The Mucha Mama Hypnobirthing E-book packed with ideas, tips and techniques