Online Essentials Hypnobirthing Course

Prepare for a smoother birth with our Essentials Hypnobirthing Course (online)

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Do you dream of feeling less anxious and more confident about birth?

Are you feeling nervous about birth, worried about the support that may or may not be available as you go through your pregnancy? The Corona Virus has increased stress levels for everyone and these may well be heightened if you’re expecting a baby and, of course, wanting the very best for your baby. Financial worries are very real for many and choices have to be made as to what is affordable and what will reduce stress levels most effectively.

That’s why we’re currently offering a new Hypnobirthing Essentials Starter Kit which provides relaxation, stress release and confidence for your pregnancy and birth. These powerful audio sessions are packed with subliminal, positive messages that will help you to reduce and even eliminate stress to create a calm, serene environment in which you can connect to your baby and to your positive birth experience. Our lovely Starter Kit also includes an ebook which shows you how to write your own amazing and highly effective affirmations for birth – these are one of the key elements in the complete Hypnobirthing course.

I was sceptical about hypnobirthing and wondered if listening to some mp3s could honestly make a difference.
But they really worked and I gradually felt more and more confident, almost in a bubble of calm which I then imagined around me once I went into labour.
They may only be words but I’ve discovered that words are so incredibly powerful. Listening regularly helped,
I had to listen several times before really feeling calm and after that these magical tracks took me straight into a deep relaxation …. My body just opened and my baby came quickly, it was empowering more than painful!
Jessie, Leeds UK


We want you to benefit from this low cost, very affordable option to bring calm and confidence into your pregnancy and birth. If you enjoy this Essentials course and would like to upgrade to the Gold or Platinum packages then, exceptionally during these unusual times, you can simply email us to request this. You will only be charged the difference in price without any admin fees.

We are real people and so can support you via email, Zoom and through our workshops and live courses. We offer telephone and Zoom appointments, to support your personal situation when needed. Our passion is to help women have the best possible birth experience and we’re always ready to help, explain, reassure and encourage our lovely clients. Clients (partners too!) often find that a simple connection



£ 29.99

Hypnobirthing Essentials:

Included in this powerful starter kit:

  • Online hypnobirthing Essentials course
  • 8 powerful videos to teach you all about hypnobirthing
  • 5 powerful hypnobirthing audio sessions to release fear, gain confidence and prepare mentally for birth:
    • Pain Relief for Birth
    • Visualise your Birth
    • Stress Release
    • Hypnobirthing Affirmations
    • Breathing for Contractions
  • The Hypnobirthing Experts E-book
All you need for a better birth
£ 29.99/
Available immediately after purchase

8 video tutorials

8 video tutorials packed with information, useful tips and exercises

what you will learn (video explanation sessions)

session 1 How to have an easier birth
session 2 How fear affects birth
session 3 How to feel in control of contractions
session 4 How the mind works
session 5 The day of your birth
session 6 How partner can help
session 7 Extra relaxation techniques
session 8 How to use your ‘tools’ on the day

Course E-Book

E-book to summarise the information and helpful resources for a better birth….Plus of course room to make notes whilst you are learning….

online hypnobirthing course

Hypnobirthing sessions (mp3s)

  • Pain Relief for Birth
  • Visualise your Birth
  • Stress Release
  • Hypnobirthing Affirmations
  • Breathing for Contractions