Online Gold Hypnobirthing Course

Prepare for a smoother birth with our Gold Hypnobirthing Course (online)

Do you want to feel prepared for a positive birth?

In these difficult times of lockdown it’s stressful for everyone and particularly so if you’re pregnant and not currently able to access health care and midwives in the usual way. The Corona Virus has shaken everyone and we want to help you find the space, calm and serenity and positivity to connect to your baby, to have the tools to manage your birth and to trust that all will be fine when your baby arrives. Putting yourself and your baby first, taking things 1 day at a time, using proven techniques to embrace your pregnancy and birth with minimum worries is key. Nature has given your baby the ability to do exactly what’s needed from the moment you conceived and your baby also knows how to come into your arms in the best way possible. It’s natural to feel anxious about the unknown – even in usual times simply giving birth may feel unknown and create anxiety but we want to empower you to trust your body and baby and feel confident about your birth.


Over the past 20 years we have helped countless mothers and couples prepare and achieve a wonderful, calm, positive birth experience. As birthing experts we can help you to reduce anxieties and feel prepared for the arrival of your baby, to give your baby the best start in life. During this crisis we are totally committed to the many mothers, fathers and babies who find themselves caught up in the restrictions and fears that Covid-19 is causing around the world.


Our amazing, fully inclusive GOLD package, provides all the tools and techniques to ensure the maximum success for a relaxed, safe, comfortable pregnancy and birth. It is fully comprehensive with 8 videos and an accompanying ebook both packed with explanations, information and techniques. We are delighted to  offer you the wonderful Mucha Mama Hypnobirthing E-book with lots of additional information. You and your partner can study the videos in your own time, learning about your body, why it’s possible to have an easy birth, the effect fear has on birth and how partners can help. There are plenty of techniques that translate the theory into practice – these can be used through your pregnancy as well as for birth and beyond. You will also receive links to 5 downloads to use as preparation for birth, including a powerful visualisation for partners. You’ll also benefit from 5 additional tracks to support you once your baby is here which will help you with your confidence as a parent, breastfeeding and gaining energy.


‘my midwife was amazed at how relaxed I was during labour, she knew about my anxieties in early pregnancy
and thought she’d need to talk me through each stage. I was in my zone and she didn’t need to do much at all.
Thank you for the confidence you gave me, this course was so useful and I still listen to the tracks now  –
Daniella, 7months old also loves them!
Sarah and Neil, London


We are real people so can also support you online via email or even online appointments if requested. Our passion is to help women have the best possible birth experience and we’re always ready to help, explain, reassure and encourage our lovely clients. Clients often find that a simple connection with us makes all the difference to their confidence levels during pregnancy and sometimes even during their birth! J

£ 79.99

Hypnobirthing Gold:

Included in this all-in course:

  • VIDEOS:  8 powerful videos to teach you all about hypnobirthing
  • SESSIONS: 8 powerful hypnobirthing audio sessions to release fear, gain confidence and prepare mentally for birth:
    • Pain relief for labour
    • Visualise your Birth
    • Stress Release – on a lake
    • Hypnobirthing Affirmations
    • Breathing for Contractions
    • Confident Parenting
    • Partners confidence to support
    • Fear Release
  • POSTNATAL: 3 powerful POSTNATAL hypnobirthing audio sessions
    • Quicker recovery after birth
    • Easy Breastfeeding
    • Recharge your Batteries
  • AFFIRMATIONS: Lovely E-book on how to make your own powerful affirmations for birth
  • E-BOOK: Hypnobirthing Experts E-book to support the online course videos
  • EXTRA TECHNIQUES: The Mucha Mama Hypnobirthing E-book packed with ideas, tips and techniques
All you need for a better birth
£ 79.99/
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8 video tutorials

8 video tutorials packed with information, useful tips and exercises

what you will learn (video explanation sessions)

session 1 How to have an easier birth
session 2 How fear affects birth
session 3 How to feel in control of contractions
session 4 How the mind works
session 5 The day of your birth
session 6 How partner can help
session 7 Extra relaxation techniques
session 8 How to use your ‘tools’ on the day

Powerful Affirmations E-Book

E-book, examples on how to make and use your own powerful affirmations for birth and beyond.

Course E-Book

E-book to summarise the information and helpful resources for a better birth….Plus of course room to make notes whilst you are learning….

online hypnobirthing course

Hypnobirthing sessions (mp3s)

  • Pain Relief for Birth
  • Visualise your Birth
  • Stress Release
  • Hypnobirthing Affirmations
  • Breathing for Contractions
  • Confident Parenting
  • Partners confidence to support
  • Fear Release

Postnatal sessions (mp3s)

3 powerful POSTNATAL hypnobirthing audio sessions

    • Quicker recovery after birth
    • Easy Breastfeeding
    • Recharge your Batteries