How It works

Access your course at any time through your personal account.

Work through the course in your own time. Feel empowered by listening to your chosen hypnobirthing audio-sessions and learn from the videos and E-book(s).

Enjoy the deep relaxation and embedded suggestions to feel more confident and prepared through your pregnancy, ready for an easier, positive birth.

How it works

How our hypnobirthing audio sessions can help

Scientific research has shown that relaxation is highly beneficial to mother and baby during pregnancy and birth. If you are stressed or anxious your body will tense and tighten making birth more difficult. Our hypnobirthing audio sessions will help you to achieve a wonderfully deep relaxation for a positive pregnancy and easier birth.

By regularly listening to a selection of our audio sessions you are training your brain and your body to associate the voice and music with deep relaxation. Whenever these familiar sounds are heard your mind and body will relax easily. Repetition means familiarity and you will find yourself relaxing more quickly, more deeply every time you listen.


Eventually just the music and voice alone will act as a trigger to take you into a very relaxed state if you choose to go there.

In this relaxed state your body will feel that it is safe to release your baby and for you to give birth as easily and comfortably as possible.

In this relaxed state it is powerful to imagine a positive experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond. The more frequently you imagine this the more achievable it will be.

The audio sessions for specific areas work by introducing positive suggestions and visualisations which can, when repeated regularly, have a powerful effect on physical aspects eg: turning a breech baby or reducing morning sickness.

Even if you do not ‘visualise’ the suggestions made, you will still benefit from the positive suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the MP3 downloads?

Choose the downloads that appeal to you. Find a quiet time when you can enjoy the guided relaxation, however do not use when driving or using machinery.

How often and when should I listen to my MP3 downloads?

As often as possible and more often if you can in the last three weeks of pregnancy. Listen at any time of day when you have some quiet time and build it into your routine so that it becomes a habit.

Can I use all MP3 downloads throughout pregnancy?

Limit the use of Create your Positive Birth and Powerful Birth Affirmations to a couple of times per week until you are 37weeks pregnant after which you can listen daily.
Other MP3 downloads eg Breathing for Contractions, Fear Release, Stress Release, Confident Parenting can be used daily earlier in pregnancy.

Is it safe to listen as often as I like?

Yes, relaxation is always beneficial, however do not play the MP3 Download while driving or using machinery.

Do I need to lie down and close my eyes?

For maximum benefit you should be sitting or lying comfortably, with your eyes closed to remove yourself from external distractions.

What if I go to sleep while listening to my MP3 downloads?

Your mind will still hear what is being said and will take your body into a lovely relaxed state. You should also sleep better.

Do I need to be able to visualise for the Positive Birth downloads to be effective?

No, visualisation is useful but not essential. You can just imagine instead of visualise. We cannot all visualise, although we can all imagine what an apple looks like. Use the power of your imagination and just imagine what it would feel like or smell like… I you like you could use photos and images as visual aids.




Will my baby benefit from the Positive Birth downloads?

Your baby hears everything that you hear so will benefit enormously from the MP3 Downloads and your relaxation.

What if I can’t relax?

Your body will learn to let go and relax the more you listen to your MP3 Downloads. It is like daydreaming, just let your mind wonder, you do not need to listen to all the words, you can just allow them to flow over you and think of other things such as ‘what it would feel like holding your baby for the first time’


What do the Positive Birth downloads contain?

Each recording focuses on enhancing the different aspects of pregnancy and birth through texts that have been written and professionally recorded by a team of experts. Each track is packed with positive suggestions to help you enjoy your pregnancy and feel prepared and confident about your birth, giving your baby the best start in life.

Is this similar to hypnosis?

Yes, visualisation, meditation, daydreaming and being engrossed in a film are all similar, allowing you to relax while still remaining in control.

Will I benefit even if I only listen to 1 or 2 Positive Birth downloads?

Yes, especially if you listen to them often. However, you will benefit even more from using a broader variety.

How do I play the MP3 download on my computer?

Save the Download in your audio files and simply open and then click to start playing the Download.



Do the downloads exist as CDs?

Yes, we have a CD with the tracks Positive Birthing Affirmations, Visualise your Positive Birth, Stress Release on a Lake, Bond with your Baby. It’s also very easy for you to copy (burn) your download onto a CD through your computer






Be calm, feel in control and give your baby the best start in life….