• Online hypnobirthing course – 8 powerful videos to teach you all about hypnobirthing
  • 8 powerful hypnobirthing sessions to release fear, gain confidence and prepare mentally for birth:
    • Pain Relief for Birth
    • Visualise your Birth
    • Stress Release
    • Hypnobirthing Affirmations
    • Breathing for Contractions
    • Confident Parenting
    • Partners confidence to support
    • Fear Release
  • Lovely E-book on how to make your own powerful affirmations for birth
  • Hypnobirthing Experts E-book to support the online course videos


Do you want practical tools to help with birth?

It’s natural to feel anxious about your birth, especially during this current crisis. Perhaps you feel more alone, there may be restrictions around midwife and healthcare appointments and no-one knows exactly how hospitals will be functioning over the next few weeks. Anything you can do to feel more relaxed and positive and prepared during your pregnancy and for your birth will be beneficial. It’s vital to focus on yourself and your baby, not on those many things that are not in your control as feeling out of control creates fear and tension.


You may well have planned to do a hypnobirthing course face-to-face or have started looking at options. Perhaps you thought of doing a refresher if this is your second birth. Whatever your situation you may be feeling more anxious or stressed due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the impact it is having on all aspects of our lives. We’re here to help you manage the stress and to feel fully prepared for your baby’s arrival.


Our Gold package is perfect for home study in your own time. It is our most popular package and has been used by couples around the world countless times for amazing birth experiences, especially in countries where face-to-face classes are not available. The course is easy to follow, providing a mix of theory, practical techniques, videos and mp3 downloads that will empower you to embrace your birth and give your baby the best start in life. The practical techniques are easy to learn and having the course online means you can re-watch it again and again – this will ensure that your skills and the ability to relax deeply will become second nature, ready to use when your baby arrives.


‘we loved this course and it gave us both a lot of confidence to embrace the unknown calmly and positively.
I also found the techniques useful at work or when I was feeling anxious about something,
Christophe was pleased to have these skills too. The birth was amazing, we played the downloads constantly and I lost track of time!
Beautiful in every way – merci.’
Jane and Christophe, Toulouse, France


We are real people so can also support you online via email or even appointments if requested. Our passion is to help women have the best possible birth experience and we’re always ready to help, explain, reassure and encourage our lovely clients. Clients often find that a simple connection with us makes all the difference to their confidence levels during pregnancy and sometimes even during their birth! J


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